Working Mom’s Devotional: Are You “Checked Out” On Social Media?


I’ve had some friends and readers ask me the same question:  “Why aren’t you blogging more?”

Truth be told, my social media presence has dropped significantly in the last six months.   While I continue to write for favorite sites like The High Calling, I’ve missed a host of opportunities to promote my books and inspire loyal readers.  This causes me some angst.  I’m one of those people who not only loves to write – I love to connect with readers, and I even enjoy social media.  Heck, I’m one of the few people I know under 50 who actually still likes Facebook.

So, why the drop off?

It’s simple.  I’m having a hard time being emotionally present at home when I’m always online.

Can anyone relate?

It doesn’t help that I have a job that requires my connection 24/7.  It doesn’t help that my children are at emotionally demanding ages.  And it doesn’t help that I’m a multi-taskaholic by nature and am prone to take on more than I can handle.

Social media and texting tend to inflict a form of self-induced ADD that pulls me away from the moment.  Like Martha of Bethany, I may be “busy” getting things done.  But I’m not always emotionally present.   Like Martha, I am easily distracted.

Here’s what the New Testament says about Martha of Bethany when Jesus comes to her house:

“But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.”  (Luke 10:40)

In other words, Martha is so busy that she misses what’s most important.  (She misses Jesus even though he is sitting in the middle of her living room!)  Can you imagine Martha on social media?  She might never come up for air.   Mary, on the other hand, probably doesn’t have an iPhone or a Twitter account.   She’s the kind of friend that would drive us crazy because she never returns her text messages. Yet she shows us the importance of slowing down and sitting at Jesus’ feet.  Actually paying attention to people who are in the room.  Looking into their eyes.  Engaging in a conversation.

As we’re preoccupied with our iPhones, texting, and favorite social media sites, I wonder how many of us are emotionally present at any given moment.    Do we see past our children who are right in front of us?  Do we detach ourselves emotionally from conversation?   Do we give anyone our undivided attention?

If Jesus was sitting in our living rooms, would we even see him?

[Ok, if Jesus was in my living room, I would probably take a picture of him and post it on Facebook.  Shameless, I know. ]

I'm an author who writes about the working mom's struggle to live out an authentic Christian faith in a complex and fast-paced world. I live in constant need of grace, caffeine, and technology -- usually in that order.
  • Terry Morgan

    Love your honesty and vulnerability! You are making wise choices… for you… for this time… I am proud of you! (Miss you online, but proud all the same… and look forward to when you are able to engage here more again!)